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Evil Housemates

Evil Housemates

One of my housemates was having trouble with a guy today, so I made this in honor of some of the more funny/bizarre/ridiculous things guys have said to us.

13th January 2017

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3 months ago #9579759        



I have one: The Horney Ice Queen
Tells guys she is aromantic but would like to have sex with them.
Guys think that sounds awesome, sex with no strings or need to do romantic things.
Girl goes one having sex with them and sometimes other guys.
Guys get sad and start complaining about where the love and affection is.
Says she needs therapy for being such a cold b*tch.

2 months ago #9595499        



The 'Zoner
-Makes friends with guys based on common interests
-Has never expressed any type of fliratous or sexual interest in male friends
-Guys know and acknowledge that
-Guy still expresses sexual intention and asks her out anyway
-Are still angry no matter how politely she explains she doesn't feel the same

Pulled this one from a lot of life experience, although 'The Tease' is pretty accurate too.

3 months ago #9592690        



The heartbreaker is defs relatable. I've also been categorized like this;

The BiCurious - Tells man she's bisexual, man presses her for details about having sex with another woman, tells man she hasn't been sexual with other women, man tells her she is just "faking" for attention.

3 months ago #9582555        



At the end they'll all stay single forever... :P


676 M
3 months ago #9579717        



So there is this girl who's kinda like the tease, except instead of asexual she's just already with someone. There was this one time we were at a party with a group of people, I got everyone a beer (which took quite some time because it was crowded). By the time I got back she was dancing with some rando and a few moments later she came back, took the beer and said "you have no idea how much I need that drink right now, that dude had a friggin' erection".

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3 months ago #9579264        



Damn, Tease explains perfectly why I no longer talk to one of my best friends from comm college. She would flirt with everyone but never had a bf, so I just thought she was really openly sexual... I asked her if she wanted to FWB, and she said "absolutely not, you know I'm asexual, right?"

Shitty thing is I find out a year and a half later that she wanted to platonically date me.

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28 days ago #9615069        



I actually believe I ran into a situation similar to the tease. I myself am asexual and unfortunately had a individual who mistook my friendly personality as flirty. This along with my issue with sharing details about myself with them ended up pissing them off apparently. They even called me homophobic for some reason...

3 months ago #9582697        



Here's one that I've seen recently. Woman is in a closed poly relationship. Man, an out of town friend who is spending the night at poly house, assumes that means all involved are DTF. Gets turned down multiple times in the course of the evening, goes to solitary bed complaining about how unfair it is. How did "polyamorous" become code for "will screw anything that moves"?

3 months ago #9582696        



Preach it. I've been lucky - I must give off a "no" vibe because I just don't bothered by the same crap my friends get from men. But even I've gotten it a few times. My "favorite" is when I'm on the subway or park bench, reading, and a man comes up to start a conversation. I have no interest in flirting, I politely turn him down, making sure my wedding ring is visible, and he icily turns on me to accuse me of being a bitch or a lesbian. Because, of course, the only possible reason I wouldn't be interested in some rando is because I'm a bitch or a lesbian. It couldn't be because I just want to read my book, that thing they interrupted when they wandered on over uninvited.


21 M
3 months ago #9582530        



Women are crazy. Men are stupid

- The late, great George Carlin

Nuff said

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