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Evil Housemates 21 1, 5:57pm

@BetweenTwoOceans Well, yeah, it depends on how they danced, whether they flirted, and how cool her boyfriend would be with that behaviour. I didn't intend to judge, but I also don't really go to clubs to dance, so I don't know which kind of dancing would be appropriate. It's just from the information we got, it might as well could be simple dancing or teasing either way - because if she rubbed himself against him while dancing (or the other way round) and he got an erection I'd consider it to be more in the teasing direction than "simple dancing". On the other hand, if they guy wore tight pants and you could see it from miles away, it would just be "well, that happens, he got visually attracted, not his fault" just like you said. But I personally wouldn't dance with another guy I don't know when I'm actually in a relationship (well, see above, I don't go dancing anyway), so that was probably just my own moral ideas kicking in over there. But that's just considering how tight her relationship is, what kind of person she is in general, how they danced, etc.etc. Too much unknown things playing into the scenario to know for sure whether she just danced, teased etc.

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