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Topic: If you want to know stuff about the USA (part 3) 14 seconds ago #9264983      

@EnglishCheeseMan the midwest is very different from the south.

for one it's a lot colder

I think most influence European heritage (mostly germanic and Nordic (especially Minnesota on the nordic) and native American just a bit.

the Midwest is a lot more relaxed than the rest of the states.. and there's friendly here too (but not overly friendly where they're just a nuisance) I mean complete strangers will wave at you... and then you feel obligated to wave back or you'll feel rude.. (though that's just me..) mostly older people do this though..

I'm not sure if the midwest really has Canadian influence some of our towns are share the same names as Canadian cities but either than that *shrug*

I work at a Union in a collage and I see a lot of people from the middle east and asia though I think they might be some might foreign exchange students and I see a lot of muslim girls with hijabs and stuff and as far as know no one gives a crap and everything is peaceful. I also hear a lot of conversations about "bible studies" and no one makes a big deal about it.

I think the midwest has a "you do you'll thing and I'll do my thing" type attitude.

the only real problem I have with the midwest is that gay marriage isn't legal (or gay other form of union) in all the midwest states including South Dakota and I'm not even gay but the college I work at has a door with names on it of people who "came out of the closet" but with more in more states accepting gay marriages hopefully one day SD can follow through...

the midwest still has a lot in common with the south like hunting and fishing.


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Topic: Ask Anything about Canada 2 20 minutes ago #9264982      

@Vivimusic this is a tragic moment, but its no 9/11. This whole thing has made me angry, but if you watch the Canadian coverage you see the news teams covering the facts, and not the blind speculation... which is pretty refreshing. Its sad that man had to die but its also really cool seeing him being honored more than that terrible human being is. all i wanna know now is how the guy was able to get a gun into Parliament.

Topic: Ask Anything about Canada 2 46 minutes ago #9264981      

@BadDarkSouth @Trix012 I hope everyone in the Ottawa area is doing good. My brother lives in Kanata and thank goodness he doesn't work near the Parliament!

@djv2448 It is highly upsetting but we have to continue to live life as fully as we can. We can't let these two cowards win. I do think the U.S media is trying to make this our 9/11 of some sort and it's a bit annoying. It is a very serious event, but thanks to effective response from the security inside the Parliament, this attack could have been much more deadly.


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Topic: What's on your mind 73 58 minutes ago #9264979      

I'm reading that comment with the music from Psycho playing in my head. :stare:



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Topic: What's on your mind 73 1 hour ago #9264977      

This video

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