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999 F
Topic: Help me learn Russian 27 minutes ago #9234988      

@Number13 @Katherine
Thank you. :)

What is the meaning of лишнее?

Topic: Itsy-Bitsy Things About YOU! 33 minutes ago #9234987      

yeah . . . It's nice that they're there for people who want to donate, but they shouldn't bother those that don't.

Topic: Ask anything about Denmark 2 40 minutes ago #9234986      


As i said, i think of them as a symbol, like a very important castle or Dybbøl wind mill. The royals, besides being such a symbol, are also there as a special kind of diplomat. The Queen meeting with some president from Ghana, or her visiting Greenland dramatically boosts popular opinion of Denmark. For an example, for a few years ago i read an article about some king from Arabia holding vacation in Denmark, i found it pretty interesting, and it made me go look at what country he was from. Imagine if he was "just" the president, i would not have cared at all.
Royals hold a symbolical meaning, which both can be used practically and as some kind of patriot magic xP This of course means that they are able to really bring attention to certain problems.

When it comes to relating, it really depends. There are special laws regarding the royals (they can't vote, for an example). But generally, as we just talked about, the danish royal family consists of some really sympathetic people that you have a hard time hating.

Topic: Who am I? #2 48 minutes ago #9234985      

I don't think so, if there are they are really unknown.


Topic: What's on your mind? No 67! 49 minutes ago #9234984      

I did that intentionally because screw all of these traditions :stare:

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