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Topic: Windows 10, anyone? 30 seconds ago #9391818        

@EnglishCheeseMan #9391605 @Rizzy423 #9391815
I'm with you two on this one. I dislike Apple products in general.


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Topic: Windows 10, anyone? 1 minute ago #9391817        

@Meelis13 #9391629
I don't think it'll take all that long for you, no worries. :) It took me just little over an hour and a half.


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Topic: Windows 10, anyone? 2 minutes ago #9391816        

@SwissCross #9391527
I actually quite liked Windows 8.1. Admittedly, it took me some time to get used to it and some initial frustration, but once I learnt how to use it properly, I began to really like it and found it pretty awesome.


28 F
Topic: Windows 10, anyone? 14 minutes ago #9391815        

@EnglishCheeseMan I think we're the minority - but there ARE people who in fact do not like iphones.

It's not that I don't like the apps per se, I don't like the setup. I'd rather just select the program from a start menu (I did have a program to add one in but it slowed down my computer a ton so I had to uninstall it). I guess I'm just old school. =P


19 F
Topic: City of Fallen Angels - Redemption 5 39 minutes ago #9391814        

What powers? I'm just a simple assassin with the quirky-ness of a cat~! *Bares her fangs at him before she hisses scaring the birds away* Meow! *takes off suddenly jumping onto another roof and runs*

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