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Topic: U.S. 2016 election thread. Probably NSFW 7 minutes ago #9379384        

@Rossum By "we" I meant Democrats.

I hate Clinton too, so at least we can agree on something.


21 M
Topic: Indonesia and Israel's multilingualism 24 minutes ago #9379383        

@Dalamard #9379066 I don't know how the case in Israel, you can ask @EnglishCheeseMan

But here in Indonesia, we grow up with a mother-tongue, an ethnic language that is used by the people around you (like if you grow up in Jakarta, you'll eventually speak Batavian, if you grow up in West Java, you will eventually speak Sundanese etc.). Imagine if you are from East or Central Java where people speak Javanese, you're married and move to West Java. You'll speak Javanese with your kids at home, but with their friends, they'll speak Sundanese. Imagine all the possibilities of mother-tongue x_x

In school, we learn Indonesian and English.

In most high school a new foreign language is added. The choice is among Chinese, Japanese, French, German or Arabic.

Most Muslims here can read Arabic, and a part of them can speak Arabic fluently.

And we understand standard Malaysian (passive linguistic competence) because standard Indonesian and standard Malaysian has no significant difference...

edit: So maybe the high percentage comes from the competence of Indonesian and a mother-tongue, which almost all Indonesians (I believe) have...
And about the Swedish percentage... I dunno... maybe most of them understand English passively... Any Swedish can confirm this?


18 M
Topic: Mepsu Yearbook 2015 43 minutes ago #9379382        

I think I could qualify for biggest but hey.


21 M
Topic: What's on your mind #91 1 hour ago #9379380        

Derp, derpity derp derp derp derp derp



Topic: ASK ABOUT BELGIUM 1 hour ago #9379379        

How accurate is David Suchet's accent?

I understand he's been made an honorary Belgian.

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