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Topic: Drunken Adventures! 5 minutes ago #9361226        

@Craplover I've always said of beer "Too many carbs for too little drunk." My father was concerned about my drinking for a while, and he had good reason. At his house once I drank a whole bottle of Stoli on my own by mixing it with Red Bull, I didn't even throw up. But the next day I wanted to, I felt absolutely toxic. Drinking a lot is overrated, but so is not drinking at all. Ben Franklin was the guy who said "All things in moderation" and I think he's right... hm, or did he get that from Aristotle? I think maybe that was an ancient Greek thing, too.
Anyway, Alcohol relaxes me and I like to be buzzed, but I don't like throwing up. Throwing up is drinking too much too fast, and blacking out to where one doesn't remember anything is... really bad - which leads to another story!

A coworker of mine got smashed drunk, and was not acting himself (people do crazy shit when they're blacked out, it's actually not something I'd recommend), so some other coworkers took him back to his hotel room. After a few minutes he passed out and was sleeping hard, so they figured he'd be okay and went back downstairs, one guy stayed with him and heard him mumbling about how hot it was and how he needed to find the AC, but soon went to bed as well (maybe also passed out). Sometime during the late night the black-out drunk guy shows up on the security cameras for the maintenance room in the hotel basement. They have no idea how he got there because the door was locked, and it's... unlikely that he crawled into the vents to find the source of his Air-Conditioning problem. He goes to a panel and just starts ripping out fuses and switching breakers and all sorts of stuff. The hotel starts having power problems, so they call a maintenance guy, who goes to the room to find black-out guy passed-out again. We sort of got in trouble in general because of that, but the story was funny, I think. Mainly because the door was locked so he magic'd himself in there and doesn't remember any of it.


19 M

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Topic: What's on your mind #88 12 minutes ago #9361224        

@plgirlpl well, I was going to go there with my family but some things happened. It's a beautiful country though with great beer and I like Czech history and Prague looks beautiful

Topic: Eurovision 2015 16 minutes ago #9361223        

Georgia's song was the only one i was even close to liking T_T


18 F
Topic: What's on your mind #88 17 minutes ago #9361222        

@Calanon #9361215

Topic: Ask anything about Korea 23 minutes ago #9361220        

Well... not really, not anymore, actually what he is educated as no longer exists Dx He's still needed though, since he still knows a lot about trees, also he is sometimes sent to some foreign country to help with their forests for an example he was in Italy a few years ago and before that he did some stuff in Georgia.

Korea also has like 4 times the population density of Denmark T_T Why do you think the East Asian countries have such high populations? My first guess would be due to the somewhat more peaceful history of the region, but then again India has a huge population as well and they definitely don't have a peaceful history... I should probably just google it, but where's the fun in that?

What kind of tropical fruit? o:

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