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Seduced by folklore

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Seduced by folklore

Top: Siren
Middle left: Elf
Middle right: Nix
Bottom: Stream man

When I see people talk about how a character can't be lured by siren song because he is gay/asexual, I can't help but think "Since when I sexuality magical?"

I get why people like to do that though. It's to make something that people usually mock them for into something good and useful, so I don't think people should stop. It's just my folklore/myth heart that plays in. Sirens are said to have the ability to lure men with their magic song, so I'd imagine they can lure all men no matter their sexuality, while even the most lesbian of women won't feel the slightest pull.

Maybe it's just because I'm used to Scandinavian folklore where a person's sexuality has zero influence on magical creatures' ability to seduce them. It all comes down to what the creature prefers.

The nix and elves lure equal numbers of men and women, and the stream man will take anyone who walks by, but when he calls for someone it's always a man.

Mind you, all of these creatures usually kill their victims or make them go crazy.

Side note: The guy lured by the nix is in a Swedish national costume, and the guy with the stream man is in Danish national costume, and I greatly regret not putting the woman in a Norwegian national costume.

1st August 2014

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