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And they danced

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And they danced

During the Victorian era it became popular to imagine all the Nordic folklore creatures partying together in the hills of the elves. It's something I've always wanted to draw, and I finally did!

The musicians
On fiddle is nøkken
On flute is a lygtemand (lantern man)
On drum is a dværg (dwarf)

In the back
A ginatess dancing with a jotun (or ice giant if you like)

From left to right
A troll dancing with a mermaid
A male elf with a mare (nightmare woman)
A nisse with a mosekone (bog woman)
A huldrekarl with a slattenlangpatte (saggy long boobs)
A female elf with a åmand (stream man)
A brøndmand (well man) with a huldra

11th August 2014

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