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Evil Housemates 14 1, 11:11am

@Dalenger She probably, very wisely, decided against asking you out romantically after you revealed your sexual interest in her. Dating as an asexual is tricky. If she gets romantically involved with someone who wants/needs sex, that relationship is doomed to failure from the beginning. Think about it: You were ready to have sex with her without even being her boyfriend. Would you really have been happy to become her boyfriend and then NEVER get it on with her?

It's also pretty revealing that you still think of her behavior as flirting, and yet you compare her to the Tease in this comic. You realize that the comic names them sarcastically, right? MEN mistake a woman's normal socializing as flirting, THEN call her a tease when she won't put out, because they fail to understand that she wasn't flirting, even after it's explained to them. All these years later, you still don't get it. She's asexual. She wasn't flirting with anyone. Not. One. Person.

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