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So I have PCOS (look it up if curious) which messes with a ton of things, including periods. I could go for months without having one, or have two within three weeks, and they always involved cascades of blood and discomfort.

Then my doctor told me to start birth control and my periods have been polite agreeable little things ever since. That is, if I have the one week break every months. If I skip a break I will be punished with a worse period than usual, but still nothing as bad as before.

So that is why I started on birth control pills. Nothing to do with shagging, but I and other Danes have noticed that people outside of Denmark tends to just assume that's the only reason why you'd ever take the pills. I have asexual Danish friends who have never been questioned as to why they're on birth control inside Denmark, but outside people will ask "But you don't want to have sex, so why are you afraid of pregnancy?"

Besides probably being a case of better informing the general public, it probably also comes down to birth control pills being called "P pills" in Danish (P not standing for "pregnant", because our word for that is "gravid") so you don't automatically relate it to danger of babies.

14th November 2013

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3 years ago #9305230        



I first got my period when I was 11 and for the first few years it was awful. My mom was afraid to have me get put on meds because she didn't want it to mess me up. But my sister talked to her and she took me to the doctor when I was 14. My period lasted 9 days and was insanely heavy due to me being an anemic and having a few other health issues... none of which were actual imbalances in the hormones. I got cramps and migraines so bad I would have to stay home with the lights off curled up in a ball. Even when I started the pills it didn't help much. Sure my period became lighter and shorter but the pain was still there . We weren't sure if there was anything that could be done until I was 17. Then I was put on the pill continuously. No breaks. I just keep taking the pills with the meds in them and I get no side effects. But if I miss one or get sick and take too much vitamin C my period will start up.

So it really bugs me when people assume I'm taking it for baby reasons. I've never done anything and don't plan on doing anything for a while yet. I take it because I can not function without it. I also get annoyed when the US government spends so much time debating about birth control when it could be actually using that time to solve problems. Before ObamaCare- which many people STILL hate- I had to pay 100 dollars a month for my Pill and 50+ dollars for my depression and anxiety meds. Not to mention my thyroid and anti-seizure meds. Now they are all listed under the "necessary" label so they are free when we go to our pharmacy to pick them up... I'm so glad because of that.. For the longest time I wouldn't take my meds because I didn't want my family to have to spend so much money on me.. now I'm much closer to mentally and physically stable. :)

3 years ago #9274180        



I was just diagnosed with PCOS. Any advice?

3 years ago #9183678        



I much enjoy when I come across someone bringing up menstruation simply because I realize how many people have some of the same or similar problems I do. I don't have PCOS, but due to hormone imbalances, for the majority of the time between the ages of 13 and 19 I had horribly awful periods. At first they just lasted a week, and then over time they'd last longer, and *heavy*. Very heavy periods... The thing is, I had absolutely no symptoms. I never got PMS, I never had cramps, I wouldn't even know when I'd start until the point that I'd have to change out my underwear. It was awful. Eventually, at 19, it got so bad that I was bleeding a month and a half straight and wound up in the hospital. I needed a blood transfusion and was horribly weak and anemic all from a stupid period..It took a long time before I could even do anything without feeling weak and light-headed. They put me on birth control pills to regulate my cycle and keep me from bleeding out every month. Since then, I've gotten mild cramps, nothing major, but I know every month when my period will come and know it'll be there for two and a half days and then taper off. It's amazing to know I don't have to worry about it anymore as long as I keep taking my pills. I know because I once missed just a couple days and even though I started again, I'd already started spotting.

The problem is, that was four years ago and each consecutive time I have to get my bc pills re-prescribed, it feels like I have to explain harder why I still need them. I'm not incredibly sexually active and no longer flat out anemic and it's a push to get my pills again. I don't understand how anyone trained in medicine could really not understand. The pharmacy is even worse. There is such a taboo on the *idea* of birth control being used by a female that it seems to blind everyone else.

Here's to everyone else who suffers in any way from their periods. Or from the brand put upon you by using birth control. Us girls are strong.

3 years ago #9160936        



When I first got my periods at age 11 in April of 1999, they'd come every 3 weeks, but as I grew, so did the spacing between the blood. The blood was no fun as it was UBER heavy. I'd actually bleed the bed in my sleep and it required getting the sheets that I soiled with blood cleaned up and this was when I wore a pad. So it was an exercise in futility.

I actually would have symptoms of PMS but sometimes, the blood wouldn't come. My periods came 6 times a year and I was started on the Pincus pills for a different reason: I had an ovarian cyst that, on the date of removal, July 19, 2007, it was almost sentient, because the doctor went on about the veins and the softball size. Being petite like my mother, that thing crushed my insides.

They kept me on Pincus pills up until April 2014, when I ended up without my prescription to fill. So far, my PMDD and PCOS have return.

To best describe what my male and female hormones are like, they are like a Polish-Jewish couple with strong convictions (I'm Polish-Jewish from my mother and my mother's strength to persevere had molded me into who I am) that are fighting, throwing pots and pans, beating each other up and it's all over but the crying for the three of us.

I tell people, I'm spiritually and hormonally male and female. It's a matter of seeing "What Will Happen Next?"


30 O
4 years ago #9135212        



Thank you! I'm glad you mentioned that birth control is frequently used for something other than... birth control.

I'm not sexually active, but I had to start taking birth control to help with ovarian cysts, which hurt like hell when you get one that's large or hemorrhages. I've also known girls as teenagers who took them for really bad acne problems. Maybe it should be called "hormone control" instead?

4 years ago #9131365        



I had a doctor tell me that birth control was only for preventing pregnancy when I went to get a prescription. It was funny cause I knew 12 year old girls going on it to prevent heavy acne and to control heavy bleeding

4 years ago #9128182        



I have hormone issues, it's not PCOS, but apparently it is genetic, and I get awful nausea and cramps. I went on birth control and a lot of people ask me the same thing, even though I'm still a virgin. They seem totally shocked that I use birth control for anything else, when it's a hormone regulator for myself.

4 years ago #9102275        



I've never drank anything for my period and usually is on time. I won't deny that the pain is awful. I bloat, have 48 hr migraines that doesn't pass until the period starts, no matter what pill i drink, terrible cramps: but I've been told that is it normal and that when i have children it's going to be more agreeable, but since i don't plan to have any children yet, i guess i'll have to suffer...

4 years ago #9102271        



I also have PCOS, your one older comic made me ask my doctor and we found out I did and I was also put on birth control at 13 which people thought was weird, but even with it, periods are god awful, I know how you feel though without the pill, I use to get mine a couple times a month and it was so much pain, literally the worst pain I have ever felt

4 years ago #9076996        



Oohhhh...yeah. My doc made me stop taking the pill and now it's "SURPRISE MOTHERFUCKER!" every single time. Which is completely random and unpredictable. I only ever took the pill to regularise my periods in the first place anyway, so I'm very sad to not be allowed to take them anymore.
It was so very nice knowing just when they were going to happen. Sigh. But yes, very accurate!

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