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Communists in the Funhouse 28 5, 5:42am

When I first got my periods at age 11 in April of 1999, they'd come every 3 weeks, but as I grew, so did the spacing between the blood. The blood was no fun as it was UBER heavy. I'd actually bleed the bed in my sleep and it required getting the sheets that I soiled with blood cleaned up and this was when I wore a pad. So it was an exercise in futility.

I actually would have symptoms of PMS but sometimes, the blood wouldn't come. My periods came 6 times a year and I was started on the Pincus pills for a different reason: I had an ovarian cyst that, on the date of removal, July 19, 2007, it was almost sentient, because the doctor went on about the veins and the softball size. Being petite like my mother, that thing crushed my insides.

They kept me on Pincus pills up until April 2014, when I ended up without my prescription to fill. So far, my PMDD and PCOS have return.

To best describe what my male and female hormones are like, they are like a Polish-Jewish couple with strong convictions (I'm Polish-Jewish from my mother and my mother's strength to persevere had molded me into who I am) that are fighting, throwing pots and pans, beating each other up and it's all over but the crying for the three of us.

I tell people, I'm spiritually and hormonally male and female. It's a matter of seeing "What Will Happen Next?"

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