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Communists in the Funhouse 28 6, 4:13am

I much enjoy when I come across someone bringing up menstruation simply because I realize how many people have some of the same or similar problems I do. I don't have PCOS, but due to hormone imbalances, for the majority of the time between the ages of 13 and 19 I had horribly awful periods. At first they just lasted a week, and then over time they'd last longer, and *heavy*. Very heavy periods... The thing is, I had absolutely no symptoms. I never got PMS, I never had cramps, I wouldn't even know when I'd start until the point that I'd have to change out my underwear. It was awful. Eventually, at 19, it got so bad that I was bleeding a month and a half straight and wound up in the hospital. I needed a blood transfusion and was horribly weak and anemic all from a stupid period..It took a long time before I could even do anything without feeling weak and light-headed. They put me on birth control pills to regulate my cycle and keep me from bleeding out every month. Since then, I've gotten mild cramps, nothing major, but I know every month when my period will come and know it'll be there for two and a half days and then taper off. It's amazing to know I don't have to worry about it anymore as long as I keep taking my pills. I know because I once missed just a couple days and even though I started again, I'd already started spotting.

The problem is, that was four years ago and each consecutive time I have to get my bc pills re-prescribed, it feels like I have to explain harder why I still need them. I'm not incredibly sexually active and no longer flat out anemic and it's a push to get my pills again. I don't understand how anyone trained in medicine could really not understand. The pharmacy is even worse. There is such a taboo on the *idea* of birth control being used by a female that it seems to blind everyone else.

Here's to everyone else who suffers in any way from their periods. Or from the brand put upon you by using birth control. Us girls are strong.

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