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Communists in the Funhouse 9 1, 12:47pm

I first got my period when I was 11 and for the first few years it was awful. My mom was afraid to have me get put on meds because she didn't want it to mess me up. But my sister talked to her and she took me to the doctor when I was 14. My period lasted 9 days and was insanely heavy due to me being an anemic and having a few other health issues... none of which were actual imbalances in the hormones. I got cramps and migraines so bad I would have to stay home with the lights off curled up in a ball. Even when I started the pills it didn't help much. Sure my period became lighter and shorter but the pain was still there . We weren't sure if there was anything that could be done until I was 17. Then I was put on the pill continuously. No breaks. I just keep taking the pills with the meds in them and I get no side effects. But if I miss one or get sick and take too much vitamin C my period will start up.

So it really bugs me when people assume I'm taking it for baby reasons. I've never done anything and don't plan on doing anything for a while yet. I take it because I can not function without it. I also get annoyed when the US government spends so much time debating about birth control when it could be actually using that time to solve problems. Before ObamaCare- which many people STILL hate- I had to pay 100 dollars a month for my Pill and 50+ dollars for my depression and anxiety meds. Not to mention my thyroid and anti-seizure meds. Now they are all listed under the "necessary" label so they are free when we go to our pharmacy to pick them up... I'm so glad because of that.. For the longest time I wouldn't take my meds because I didn't want my family to have to spend so much money on me.. now I'm much closer to mentally and physically stable. :)

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