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Y U NO Desperate?

Y U NO Desperate?

I've been subjected to quite a few guys (and some girls) who honestly believed the stereotype that chubby/fat girls are desperate and easy, and got quite angry when I didn't respond to their flirting.
Doesn't matter if I liked them or not (or in the case of the girls, if I was lesbian), I should be happy someone showed an interest, dammit!

Jeeze! Who's the desperate one?

6th May 2012
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So this is how a narcissist draws.

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9 years ago #8844712        



I really hate how some people think, 'well chubby girl, quick and easy boink.' Sorry but the vast majority don't go 'OMG someone is paying attention to me! Let me put on some sluttly clothes and get treated worse than a welcome mat.' Doesn't happen to girls that have even a smidge of self respect.

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I'm not desperate. I'm sort of a mix of a demisexual and homosexual teenager. I want that bond first.

7 years ago #9424011        



now THAT is a Y U No? moment.

8 years ago #9339228        



:I huh im chubby but never desperate i would be what you call the unsocial guy that never seems interested in annyone.

some of the guys in my class even asked a girl if she could try and soduce me but i just shrugged it off.

the girl got pissed and asked me what was wrong with her and i answerd this "sorry but you could easily be my type and i would gladly fall in love if you so desired but as of now i really dont have time for this" and id walk away doing something more demanding of my time.

XD funny thing is she came back one day and asked me if i could help her get a date and i have to say i was the best love guru ever. since they even got married resencly.

*puts on a top hat and walks proudly into the sunset*

9 years ago #9041317        



"Jeeze! Who's the desperate one?"

Men. Always the men.

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I'm utterly new to this site... I don't even know what it is. I had been ranting on facebook about this very thing that this comic talks about. My facebook friend used this particular comic to show his support for me as a large lady in the dating world. To who ever created and to who ever shared it... thank you... it found it's way to me and I was able to LMFAO at how perfect it fit! Thank you!

9 years ago #8818012        



When I was in the dating scene and started having sex, thanks to the media and america's quick ability to stereotype & label everything I thought I had fallen into this trap of "being easy cause i'm overweight & thus desperate" Truth is, after I realized it, I wasn't desperate, I was actually interested these people and rather than "play the game" I unabashedly gave them me, all of me. I'm honest and bluntly would rather not hide anything from someone I genuinely liked and ironically didn't have a "type" so to an outsider it seemed like this was me.
But that's so wrong! wuhahahahaa!!!! Thankfully, I've dated enough to now have a "type" as I know what I'm looking for in a partner. But I think I have been apart of situations like this where the guy figured I was easy as he'd disappear after some time (getting what he wanted) and totally crush me. So if I had to be "labeled" it would be that I just fall, hard fast and completely for a guy I'm enthralled hopelessly romantic? idk, maybe that's what they're called.

sorry to vomit my baggage here but I guess this hit a topic for me and who knows, maybe someone will read this and relate. :D

In America I've noticed the amount of body self esteem differs in the regions. Where the norm is heavy and thin is a rarity, yea, big women are easy 1) cause there are more of them, 2) they want to be like the thin women and think that's what the men want. In the areas where the opposite are true it's the thin women who have more body issues often times trying to make themselves fatter (hoping it also goes up into the boob area) so there the skinny women are easy. It's all relative.


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10 years ago #8744916        



Hi! First time commenting! I love Humon comics, and I can honestly say that the stereotype that American women are all easy is untrue and if you actually believe that then you are indeed a major bigot. Anyway, I have witnessed this multiple times and it's just very sad to see men or women thinking they can gain sex only through desperate people. Really, who IS the desperate one in that case? lol.

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