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14 Angels and Demons

14 Angels and Demons

Top row: The Seven Archangels
Bottom row: The Seven Princes of Hell

There's different versions of who the archangels are, but I just went with the version in my archangel book. Some believe that Gabriel is a woman, and I went with it for the hell of it.

I know Lucifer and Satan are often said to be the same person, but according to some demonology they are different demons.

And all other questions you may have about why I drew them this way can be answered with a simple "Because I wanted to"

Angels Demons
25th May 2011
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19 M
8 years ago #9453891        



Guardian, Healer, Messenger, Peace bringer, Wise one, Forgiver, Lover
Pride, Wrath, Greed, Sloth, Envy, Gluttony, Lust

I'm not sure if I got it right...

10 years ago #9161472        



Where do you get this angelology and demonology info on the names alone? Such names never came up during my self-study periods.

My parent gave me a middle name based on my father's confirmation name: Michael, Angel of Justice. If born a boy, my middle name would be Michael. I was born a girl and ended up as Michelle with it being my middle name.

If they were trying to protect me at a religious level, I can understand (I come from a Catholic family. The first generation alive right now is about to die and it saddened me as my grandparents, being the semi-devout Catholics they were, had raised me. 6 of their 8 kids had married and acquired children in one way or another, in my aunt Lucinda's case, she became a stepmom to girls who were a bit older than me.). But then again, as a Pantheist, one who believe in dogmatic karma or karmic dogma, most of those who've threatened me or harmed me are in positions where they can no longer harm me anymore.

Then again, such beings are a wonder out of the sets of 7.

7 years ago #9665836        



This need to be a comic. Honestly just look how adorable Beelzebub and Chamuel is.

7 years ago #9630968        



Beelzebub actually looks kinda cute and innocent. And with the fly wings it kinda looks like he was the offspring of an angel and demon. Really thou just look at his face! he looks so happy so... innocent so.... chubby in a cute way :o

no really thou LOOK AT HIM 8I he's cute

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8 years ago #9478874        



Oooh! Nice! :D

8 years ago #9450324        



I love Gabriel's design the most of all the angels~

9 years ago #9425495        



what happen if someone who's a SPN fan see this?

9 years ago #9360413        



Do you draw these or is there a software which allows you to draw cool pic like these. If there I software can you tell the name, if there isn't your an awesome drawer


39 M
10 years ago #9208053        



I don't know if anyone has already said it, but there's one thing most angeology books get wrong: Gabriel's gender.

Angels in the Tanach (Old Testament) are not supposed to be human-looking overall and their names are descriptive of qualities/function in god's service, example Rapha-el "god cured". Technically speaking they could be of either gender, both or neither.

Except for Gabriel, as GBR translates to "young man", meaning Gabriel is not just the only angel with a definite human form, but that of a human MALE youth...

About Satan in judaism... well, it's complicated. Depending on a theologist's view, Satan may be a demon, an angel terribly distrusting of humanity or a personified "accuser" much like Fortuna was a personification of luck in roman religion.

Mammon is even worse as he's most probably a twist/riff on Pluto/Orcus as the Lord of Riches and inserted as criticism to Rome.

10 years ago #9131896        



Actually Satan is son of Lucifer. The hell is like half "cold" because Lucifer isn't thaat bad and he represents the ice and the other half is "hot" because Satan is evil and represents the fire. That means that even the hell has some equilibrium.
Lucifer is a godamn busy daddy.

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