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14 Angels and Demons 29 5, 5:32am

Where do you get this angelology and demonology info on the names alone? Such names never came up during my self-study periods.

My parent gave me a middle name based on my father's confirmation name: Michael, Angel of Justice. If born a boy, my middle name would be Michael. I was born a girl and ended up as Michelle with it being my middle name.

If they were trying to protect me at a religious level, I can understand (I come from a Catholic family. The first generation alive right now is about to die and it saddened me as my grandparents, being the semi-devout Catholics they were, had raised me. 6 of their 8 kids had married and acquired children in one way or another, in my aunt Lucinda's case, she became a stepmom to girls who were a bit older than me.). But then again, as a Pantheist, one who believe in dogmatic karma or karmic dogma, most of those who've threatened me or harmed me are in positions where they can no longer harm me anymore.

Then again, such beings are a wonder out of the sets of 7.

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