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14 Angels and Demons 25 7, 7:01am

I don't know if anyone has already said it, but there's one thing most angeology books get wrong: Gabriel's gender.

Angels in the Tanach (Old Testament) are not supposed to be human-looking overall and their names are descriptive of qualities/function in god's service, example Rapha-el "god cured". Technically speaking they could be of either gender, both or neither.

Except for Gabriel, as GBR translates to "young man", meaning Gabriel is not just the only angel with a definite human form, but that of a human MALE youth...

About Satan in judaism... well, it's complicated. Depending on a theologist's view, Satan may be a demon, an angel terribly distrusting of humanity or a personified "accuser" much like Fortuna was a personification of luck in roman religion.

Mammon is even worse as he's most probably a twist/riff on Pluto/Orcus as the Lord of Riches and inserted as criticism to Rome.

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