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The older they get

The older they get

Maybe they get less superficial, maybe they develop a liking for bigger women, or maybe they just stop caring about what other people think and go for what they like. Or maybe they simply lower their standards (Which is a good thing by the way, because teenagers of both genders have some ridiculously high standards for what humans should look like)
I don't know what it is, but I've noticed that the older men get, the fonder they get of chubby women.

Obviously not all men like their women big, but all chubby girls can tell you that they get a lot more attention from guys over 30 years old.

Got the idea for the comic while I was waiting for a bus the other day and a huge woman walked past, and all the old guys couldn't take their eyes off of her, even though a woman with a perfect hourglass shape walked in the opposite direction. XD

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17th June 2012
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19 O
11 years ago #9028794        



Mr. 20-30 kinda looks like a playboy though cute :|

9 years ago #9387244        



Is the same for women to men?

I wouldnt know.

10 years ago #9161303        



Although, I'm about 261 lbs. (120 kg +\-) and have been actively looking for a soul mate, MOST men I know of, of any age over the majority age in America don't come near me due to my youthful looks (I've been mistaken for as young as 12 at age 18 and currently am mistaken for 15 at age 26-going-on-27).

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10 years ago #9146627        



Honestly I believe it has to do with the times. Cause 50 years ago there was no definition of an obese person, they were all presumed to be very healthy or "never having to miss a meal". So the older population grew up with that lack of distinction, while today the younger generation believe being thin is attractive. Basically what we accepted to be attractive body wise has become thinner and thinner and will continue that way with generations to come.

10 years ago #9135139        



Lol love seeing this! as a chubby chick in high school i rarely get a second glance, but when i am out in world i get all them stares :D

11 years ago #8933275        




11 years ago #8915474        



When you realize it's been 60 years and you still don't have a girlfriend, you go insane.

11 years ago #8848542        



Is there a version for girls... If I was a guy, I suppose I'm mentally almost twice my physical age LOL.

11 years ago #8807713        



@Juni221 I agree with you. I'm also an 18 year old who likes to see girls who look natural.

Cheer Up dear,
It's like what my friend told me . . .
"Wag mo banatan ang modelo, yan ang mga pinaka-insecure sa lutuin mo"(Don't go for the models, they tend to be the most Insecure about your cooking) *Points to a well curvy girl eating pork chop* "Yan, ang banatan mo, kasi yan ang magsasabi sa iyo na masarap lahat ng luto mo"(Go for her, She'll love all your cooking)

Age and weight doesn't matter much here.(It's how you love your man/woman's cooking that counts.)

I like cooking.(but don't expect anything low fat from my kitchen)


29 M
11 years ago #8746009        



Well my logic has always told me that it's not that older men like chubbier women, but that the chubbier older women are better than the non-chubby counterparts. Less skin hanging around places, if you know what I mean. At least that's what I think the older men believe.

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