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He'll never learn.

15th June 2012

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4 months ago #9339211        

? huh we usually dont have many bees were im from but wasps and other things cant remember the name but they like to burn you intead of stinging.

2 years ago #9041334        

"A bee is rare here so I don't get it."

Worker bees can and will sting you. That sting will kill the bee but it will also pump venim into the unlucky mamal or bird who's been stung. I hear it can be very painful.

2 years ago #8980366        

My cat used to have an amazing ability. She is dumb as a bag of rocks but she would be so skilled at catching bees and wasps and not get stung it was amazing to watch. If one got into the apartment, she would stalk it and then leap in the air and catch it in her front paws. Then she would somehow land without missing a beat and then open up her paws and eat the bee/wasp. Never got stung. Ever. I say she used to have this skill because she's old and arthritic now and can't catch them like she used to. But she was amazing to watch...and it was incredibly impressive.

2 years ago #8807689        

A bee is rare here so I don't get it.


3 years ago #8564143        

My dog did that once. ONCE. That was all it took.


16 F
3 years ago #8564037        

yea my cats do the same thing! its so cute!

3 years ago #8499671        

I love this comic! Your cat is so cute. Which one is it?

3 years ago #8463038        

so which one is this? yankee or ranger?

3 years ago #8448276        

so cute :3

3 years ago #8441525        

Aww more cat comics pleese :)

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