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American In Berlin 4

American In Berlin 4

Yes, places for angry lesbians to beat the hell out of any willing men did indeed exist in Berlin after WW1. And they were quite popular because the tourists came to try new things, so why not get whipped by a lesbian?

Don't expect this comic to get updated too often, because while I enjoy the story it's a pain to draw.

23rd November 2012

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52 M
1 year ago #9105412        

I'd have thought women in Berlin after both world wars would have lots and lots of things to get angry with men about... not the least being that Germany had just lost two world wars and caused everybody else quite a few years worth of suffering and deprivation, the brunt of which would have been borne by women! And if Germany lost, what was it, three million men killed in the first war and five or six million men killed in the second, that must have caused a HUGE gender imbalance. Women would have had more reason and opportunity to seek alternatives to heterosexuality...


19 O
2 years ago #9028817        

I think I know what he thinks o_o

2 years ago #9009409        

if your face was not the same as the yankee in the bottom tile then i think you probably came to the wrong website

2 years ago #9009093        

you know, it is people like Humon and the creators of south park who show us the difference between having almost no limits to what you will and wont show in order to display true emotion (which is usually needed as basic love is derived from sex) and having gore and sex because it sells well (a.k.a, the main reason GTA is so successful)


2 years ago #8944711        

I miss this series!!!!!


20 M
2 years ago #8863195        

I love this story arc! Though, as an American named Colin, I am a little bugged. I like to think that people named Colin are wonderful people.

2 years ago #8807456        

his face owns me~

2 years ago #8754805        

... I want to go tooo~

3 years ago #8601422        

I love Jones expression on the last frame.

3 years ago #8596531        

Oh god Colin... I love you. Bitch.

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