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The older they get 29 4, 6:05pm

@Juni221 I agree with you. I'm also an 18 year old who likes to see girls who look natural.

Cheer Up dear,
It's like what my friend told me . . .
"Wag mo banatan ang modelo, yan ang mga pinaka-insecure sa lutuin mo"(Don't go for the models, they tend to be the most Insecure about your cooking) *Points to a well curvy girl eating pork chop* "Yan, ang banatan mo, kasi yan ang magsasabi sa iyo na masarap lahat ng luto mo"(Go for her, She'll love all your cooking)

Age and weight doesn't matter much here.(It's how you love your man/woman's cooking that counts.)

I like cooking.(but don't expect anything low fat from my kitchen)

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