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Pregnant Jotun

Pregnant Jotun

It's thanks to Christian monks that we today think of jotuns (or ice giants if you like) as evil demon-like creatures.

We know the Vikings didn't think of them as such because they were worshiped like gods in some areas and some people even proudly claimed to be descendants of them.

Instead jotuns were natural chaos opposite the gods' culture and order. Jotuns were trees, the gods were wooden boats. Jotuns were cliffs, the gods were walls.

That's why jotuns don't fit neatly into any boxes. They all knew magic despite that being a female trait to the Vikings, they could change size, they made nature behave weird, and some jotuns were embodiments of things that can not be controlled like age, sea, and night.

And something that appears a few times in the old stories are pregnant male jotuns. The very first jotun even birthed the jotun race on his own. This is part of their chaos nature. They can give birth by changing their sex, or even in their male form (however that works).

I'm still hoping we will some day see a random pregnant male jotun in a game or movie, but people are always more interested in depicting jotuns as destructive, but it's a very important part of their role in the mythology that they also created a lot of the things the gods use. They are so good at creating that even men can birth life.

24th August 2017

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3 years ago #9687931        



So they were like seahorses?

3 years ago #9681564        



I could live with that.

3 years ago #9674415        



Would the baby come out of his butt?

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44 O
3 years ago #9673472        



This reminded me of Oglaf's Son of Kronar story.
I hadn't noticed before, some correlation between Jotuns and the modern concept of Barbarians.

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3 years ago #9673034        



I would like to take up a few points on the use of pregnant male jotun from a story telling point of view.

Firstly, it depends on the lore your going for. Over the years that have been many different versions of jotuns (and basicly any other fantasy/mythological creature). And considering the pregnant male jotun is mainly a part of the old style jotuns (and kinda obscure too) it does make sense to ignore this for the most parts. And that is not to mention the role the jotuns might play in the lore.

Secondly, the question is what it would add. How would it add to the jotun's character and/or the story as a whole? You should not have a character being pregnant if it doesn't have any purpose for the character or story, regardless of the gender. Generally speaking it is quite foolish to make a character be something specific without it having any purpose for the character or story.

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