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Pregnant Jotun 25 8, 3:45pm

I would like to take up a few points on the use of pregnant male jotun from a story telling point of view.

Firstly, it depends on the lore your going for. Over the years that have been many different versions of jotuns (and basicly any other fantasy/mythological creature). And considering the pregnant male jotun is mainly a part of the old style jotuns (and kinda obscure too) it does make sense to ignore this for the most parts. And that is not to mention the role the jotuns might play in the lore.

Secondly, the question is what it would add. How would it add to the jotun's character and/or the story as a whole? You should not have a character being pregnant if it doesn't have any purpose for the character or story, regardless of the gender. Generally speaking it is quite foolish to make a character be something specific without it having any purpose for the character or story.

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