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Pregnant Jotun 26 8, 5:48pm

@Austellus The issue is not why a character should be something rather than something else, but why that character should be something at all. The issue here, from my point of view, is to forcing a character to be something without it really adding anything to that character or his/hers/it's story. It is pointless and generally leads to bad writing.
For example, let's say we have this viking character. You could make him gay, but it would be completely pointless if it doesn't have any point (major or minor) to his character or story. Instead, you could just leave his sexual preferences completely out of picture if it has no effect on the story anyway.
Generally my point being is that you just should have a good reason for a character being how they are, be it male, female, genderless monster, straight, gay, so on.

As for the pregnant male jotun, the point of the lore still stands. You can interpret everything mythological and fantasy different ways. If pregnant male jotuns doesn't make sense in the lore your using, you should have one. If it does, you can, bringing back to the point of it adding something to the story (which isn't too hard to do)

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