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Pregnant Jotun 25 8, 8:58pm


The counter counter point is there's a difference between the physical appearance of the character and its traits. A character can look however an author want him to look unless there's an important reason for such a thing, like the scars of Inigo Montoya in Princess Bride. A trait, like pregnancy, needs to add something to the story otherwise its superfluous. Think of Marge in Fargo. Her pregnancy makes her vulnerable and impede her ability to catch the bad guy at the end. Whenever there's a trait like that in a story, ask yourself what would be different if it wasn't there. If the answer is nothing, then its superfluous. There's some homosexual undertones in the relationship between Frodo and Sam (whether it was the authors will or not) but its never stated if Frodo is gay or not because it doesn't add anything to the story.

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