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Fool me once I cut your head off

Fool me once I cut your head off

Why are the Æsir like this!?

Høner was the only hostage who survived. Mimer got his head cut off when the Vanir found out Høner was useless without him. They probably spared Høner because he was an Æsir god, so killing him would have offended the Æsir too much. Odin later made Mimer’s head come back to life.

To be fair, Kvasir wasn’t made from any old random spit. When the Æsir and Vanir made peace they all spat in a bucked, mixing their spit, and that was turned into the very wise man Kvasir. He was probably kicked out of Vanaheimr (land of the Vanir) because he traveled the world and met two dwarfs who killed him to get hold of his blood. They mixed it with honey and made a magical mead that turned anyone who drank it into a poet. When the gods asked what happened to Kvasir the dwarfs told them he “drowned in his own wisdom”.

Høner is one of the very few gods who survive Ragnarok and get to live in the new world (Mind you, most of the goddesses survive)

We no longer know who was the ruler of the Vanir, but I made them a woman here because Æsir are often said to be the male aspect of the world and the Vanir female (and jotuns are a mix of the two)

Basically it’s the story of man and woman fighting but they are equally important so they come together, mix bodily fluids and create life. Aaaand then man is unfair to woman and she cuts his “head” off for it. Such a beautiful love story.

Odin Freyr Njord Kvasir Freya Mimer Honer
4th December 2017
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7 years ago #9714048        



So, how are you supposed to worship Hoener again?


23 O
7 years ago #9714874        



God of anxiety ftw.

7 years ago #9707131        



I love it! But why would they kill the guy that the guy that they want is useless without?

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