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We all have a part to play

We all have a part to play

My old and new housemates were talking about me and how I’ve been the attack dog at both places, and we ended up talking about the stages we handle things in at our current place.

9th February 2016
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44 F
8 years ago #9454325        



I think, your stages reflect the appropriate order of how to handle annoyances. First waiting: we all do annoying things sometimes, like hammering nails, blowing leaves, blasting mood music etc. and soon enough, we stop. Then asking nicely and if that does not help "getting stern". ^^

8 years ago #9461848        



I usually play the Housemate 1 role. And on behalf of all the other Housemates 1 of this world, I gotta thank you all Housemate 2s and 3s (especially the 3s) out there for existing and making our lives much easier.

8 years ago #9454130        



It's often the Mom-Voice that we use here although #3 works in a pinch! ;)

6 years ago #9775187        



For me, it honestly depends. If I'm the one being inconvenienced, I'm normally no. 1- however, if my partners or friends are being annoyed? I'll fuck somebody's shit up lmao

7 years ago #9693176        



I'm not sure which one I'm more like, but I did have a yelling match with our neighboor the other day when he wouldn't let me cross his garden to get home faster (It was literally just a perking space made of gravel, I have no idea what the problem was)


841 M
8 years ago #9580505        



I have a downstairs neighbour who's kind of in between 2 and 3, assertive but reasonable, but really easily triggered. Like when I moved in I had to broom the floor and stuff, and I couldn't take my shoes off because of glass shards everywhere, but the sound of my footsteps bothered him. I think this was around like 7-8 PM or so. They are relatively heavy shoes (hiking boots) but still...


18 F
8 years ago #9553074        



usually number 2 and only 3 when you really piss me off- and that takes a lot. but if i get angry; then it's best if you get out my way, or i'll chew you up and spit you out.

8 years ago #9461809        



I worry my New Jersey roots along with my negotiator tactics would make me likely to be an attack dog (#3)

Not only is New Jersey for at one point dropping more F bombs than any of the other 49 in America, I will be civil until you cross me. Then the kid gloves come off, no more Miss Nice Gal.

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8 years ago #9453952        



Some of us are a mix of two or all three. I'm the later, if it keep persisting I transit to second stage. If it still continue (and it take a lot) I hit the final stage.

8 years ago #9453929        



OMG I am girl number 1.

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