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Barbarians need sleep too

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Barbarians need sleep too

I swear, it's The Hobbit that has made me want to draw so much fantasy lately.

This time a barbarian woman sleeping against a tree with two human men. I don't have a story behind this yet, so any suggestions as to what is going, how they ended up like this, and the relationships between the characters?

13th December 2012


16 F
1 year ago #9117379      

thist would be an awesome serie. please

1 year ago #9041365      

Are they her sons?

1 year ago #9009124      

did i miss something? because last time i checked barbarians are just uncivilised humans. you may be referring to civilised people as humans though but i am a giant psychopath so everything needs to have a base group that doesn't really exist with sub groups branching off that do exist, not a main subgroup that is only given the main group name all sub groups are given


42 M
2 years ago #8744845      

Well, I write giantess stories, so this isn't strange to me at all. It's quite welcome, in fact.

2 years ago #8661425      

I have no idea why, but I just find the idea of giant-sized people with average-sized people so sexy...

2 years ago #8630069      

what about this? there kinda like nightingale and the emperor. the more and beautiful men the barbarians have, the more respected the barbarians are. well everyone here who has an idea has a good idea too, bu this is how i think of it.

2 years ago #8618644      

i like Amgeo's idea also, just that, how about the guy who has been with the barbarian women is the blonde guy and the new guy is the brunette guy? that by the little time the brunette has passed with those two he realised it wasnt so bad to be with them? and then realised he couldnt go back to his old life style because he loved those two?
just saying :3

2 years ago #8617778      

Maybe when its time for the female barbarians to "capture a husband" this one didn't like the male barbarians that they could find so she went to a neighboring human village and kidnapped these two men. In the beginning both men are indignant and keep trying to run away from the seemingly harsh woman. When one night the brunette man wakes up to a soft crying sound. The brunette discovers the female barbarian crying in the woods trying to hide her weakness from her sisters. At first the woman is angry at the man for seeing her crying thinking that he'll tell the other barbarians but as she explains her story of only wanting to find love for herself a change comes over the small man she kidnapped. The brunette man slowly walks away and the next night he walks up to the barbarian with the blond man shyly in tow and tells her that "they talked about it and they decided that they both loved her " and it ends in this very cute sleeping scene. :)

2 years ago #8617241      

I like Amgeo's idea also!

2 years ago #8614498      

I like Amgeo's idea

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