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Woman of the Elder Tree

Woman of the Elder Tree

Elder trees are said to house Elder Women or Elder Mothers in Scandinavia and the UK.

Elder women can be loving, healing and giving, or downright deadly. They are happy to share their flowers and berries with humans as long as they ask nicely (extra points for giving her offerings like beer) and will even take away diseases and pain.

However, if you chop off her tree's branches or cut it down to make furniture or housing, she will take revenge. If you're lucky you will just wake up in the middle of the night finding an old woman sucking at your skin to get something back from you every night until you get rid of the elder tree furniture. If you're unlucky you will get sick and die.

It is also said that if you plant an elder tree in your garden, it will go for walks at night and look in through the windows.

Elder Woman Witch
3rd June 2017
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7 years ago #9642389        



i hope she doesn't get upset if someone cuts off the dead or diseased branches. because we don't want her to die...


44 F
7 years ago #9646555        



Elder trees are blooming right now. My mother is in full elder-blossom-sirup production mode. I scored three bottles this year!

7 years ago #9643057        



It is true! My grandmother used to complain of a elder tree peeking at her, when she was bathing!

7 years ago #9642311        



okay, that last part about them looking through the windows scared me a bit. I have one in my garden and, yeah... thanks... Not going to sleep well...

7 years ago #9660005        



I love your work because it inspires me to learn more about mythological creatures for when I'm writing. I learn more about other cultures, and you include a lot of sex positive content which is wonderful. >^.^< Thank you


30 M
7 years ago #9644682        



European version of Grandmother Willow, or is she based on Elder tree?

7 years ago #9644093        



I wonder if that's how Tolkien came up with Ents and Entwives.

And it's nice to know that someone can be on your side.

7 years ago #9643994        



Ellum do grieve,
Oak he do hate,
Willow do walk
If you travels late....

7 years ago #9642245        



cool :o also noice, i was the first one to comment... yey :)

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