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Everything the dark elf is saying is from self help advises for submissives in BDSM relationships. I couldn't help but laugh a little when I read them because it sounded so much like something the dark elf men would say to someone who wasn't acting accordingly to their customs.

And I see them more and more as fantasy gender reversed Victorian upper-class people. They understand why "savages" from other cultures don't understand why the dark elf way of life is the most cultured and finest in the world, but acting uncivilized within their own homes is very very inappropriate and shocking.

I imagine the light elf to be someone who committed a crime and was to be executed, but got away and managed to convince a dark elf lady to take him into her house. In this world light elves and dark elves are trying to keep peace so they aren't allowed to attack each other. So a person from one race can run to another race and it would be the equivalent of crossing the border to another country to avoid prison.

12th December 2012

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2 months ago #9355132        

Oops I meant elves

2 months ago #9355131        

Dark elfs are so cute

2 years ago #9009122        

oh the dark elf servants, at least some of the men in this story are enjoying themselves

2 years ago #8775795        

These guys are so awesome ❤


2 years ago #8722353        

I admit. I was getting BDSM vibes from this before I got to the bottom. Although, this would be more likely to be slave advice than just submissive. Admittedly, the whole "never state your own needs or opinions" view gets made fun of a lot within the scene, at least the parts of it that I have been a part of. :)

3 years ago #8631175        

before reading your writeup on the bottom i was laughing, thinking that everything the dark elves said sounded alot like the bullshit stuck up "subbies" pretend to spout at newbies! when i read what you wrote about the strip i felt an overwhelming virtual world high five happen between us c:

3 years ago #8614999        

I love how the dark elves are shielding their crotches in the first panel.

3 years ago #8613415        

I hope we get to see her sister in the next one:D


15 M
3 years ago #8612168        

Silly light elf, femdom is for the Dark Elves

3 years ago #8612103        

<333 im loving these guys soooo much!

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