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This is not meant to be educational. I've studied angels for years and took things from various theories and added some of my own and ended up with this for my story. If you want something closer or future away from traditional angels, make you own.

Their job is to act as guarding angels for humans, or simply deliver messages from heaven. Because they spend so much time on earth, they are by far the most human, and they don't have a strong need to return to God after their job is done. As a result they suffer from a lot of the same things as humans, such as confusion, doubt, sadness, temptation, and even lust. However, they try to stay chaste and are proud to be virgins.
Everything is very personal and about their human to them, and they will sometimes do immoral things for the sake of the person they watch over.

They are a lot like normal angels, only they rule over them and are a lot more full of themselves. Their true form can be quite scary, and they often have to tell humans "Fear not" when they first encounter them because even in their human-friendly form they still have an aura of something powerful and unsettling about them. They too deliver messages and protect humans, but only holy or otherwise important people.

They protect the religion, and will not take kindly to blasphemy. They also carry out the Powers' orders.

They like to say no angel has ever fallen from their ranks, but non other than Lucifer himself ruled them once. They fight demons and keep them out of Heaven, but they also have power over them and often use demons to do the dirty work they don't want to be blamed for later. Not surprisingly they don't have the best reputation and the Dominions keep a close eye on them.

They mainly help the Dominions and inform the angels what their jobs are.

Rules over all angels under them. They are the highest ranking angels who contact humans fairly regularly, but they are never pleased to leave Heaven and will try to do their job as quick as possible. They don't care for individual humans' faiths, and only see the big picture of things.

Cherubim and Wheels
Have by far the strangest true forms and are closely connected to each other. They always move together as if they were one, and when a Cherub take on a human form, his Wheel appears as a disk on his chest. They have no patience for humans and rarely (if ever) leaves Heaven.

By far the least human. They are the closest to God and only cares for praising him. If they leave his side and take a human form, they will only be looking up towards Heaven, muttering God's name between sentences, and doesn't wear clothes. Not a problem though, because they are sexless.

26th December 2012

Tagged in Angel

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6 months ago #9684146        



I wanna be Cherubim.
I hardly leave my room anyway.
Hail Lord English or whatever the fuck.

2 months ago #9728103        



all Hail lord English!

9 months ago #9650789        



I guess there are also the Nephalem, though they aren't technically angels, but half-angels

2 years ago #9478916        



I want to be a Dominion!

4 years ago #9094256        



the cherub looks a bit like the master

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16 M
4 years ago #9080443        



where did you find all this information :-)

4 years ago #9041366        



So. . . the Virtues are like the secretaries and personal assistants of this group of people?


19 O
4 years ago #9028846        



Aren't the Ophanim supposed to be the Wheels?

5 years ago #8782760        



It would be awesome if you made a comic about this where-in a human will be made in contact with the demons and the angels will intervene and they fall in love and make hybrid angel babies....... nevermind damn my imagination


19 M
5 years ago #8776222        



If I may give the more esoteric and kabbalistic explanation of the angels and their ranks:
The angels are the thoughts and messages of God. It is written in the Sepher Yetzira that every angel is a thought of God and every thought we have spawnes yet another angel.
The Archangels are the rulers of certain areas of being and of certain concepts. As such, we have archangels of days, times, planets, etc.
The Rulers symbolize the order in nature, the natural laws and whatnot, decreed by God.
The Powers are the judgement of God. They are his fierceness and his reproachment of Man and his universe.
The virtues are the mercy of God. They are his fatherly love and his forgiveness.
The Dominions are the different planes of existence, heaven, hell, earth, limbo, non-existence, the chasm, the abyss, the veil.
The Cherubim and the Ophanim definitely deserve their own, separate explanations. The Cherubim have been described as "beings with eyes all over", they symbolize the omniscience of God. Seeing all in all directions, even infinitely inward.
The Ophanim are "wheels inscribed with eyes" and are the chariot of God. They symbolize his omnipresence. They are first described in the vision of god that Enoch had before he ascended to become the highest of angels, Metatron.
The Seraphim burn with the love of God and constantly sing his praise and contemplation. They are so close to God they are only barely separate from him. They are described as being fully enveloped in wings of light, covering them completely, giving us an inkling on the location of God. The Seraphim don't need to look outwardly to see God. They find him within.

Say what you will about the religion's morals and ethics, their mythology is awesome.

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