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The Cuckold

The Cuckold

For those of you who don't know, a cuckold is a man who's wife (or girlfriend) is cheating on him. It's no longer used in that sense, but has instead become the name of a fetish for men who likes the idea of their wife being unfaithful to them with another man who's far more manly and handsome.

It's not a fetish I find arousing, but I always thought it would make for a interesting story. Still, I don't know where this came from. I had tons of things to draw today, but I woke up with a need to get this out of my system, even though I hadn't known it was in my system to begin with.

Neither do I know if it's something I'll continue. I have ideas for what is going to happen, but nothing solid, so we'll see what time brings.

30th December 2012

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8 months ago #9284103        


2 years ago #9041367        

Now what's Brad going to do?

Or was there ever really a "Brad". . .

Dun, dun, DUNNNNNNN!

2 years ago #8980478        

Men who enjoy being cuckolded generally enjoy being abused and belittled by their wife and her lovers as well, "forced" to watch them have sex and wear women's underwear, or act as a "fluffer".

2 years ago #8944726        

I really love this though


2 years ago #8932385        

I really want to know what happens after he moves in.

2 years ago #8780404        

You've got a story right there!

2 years ago #8775807        

This looks promising ❤

2 years ago #8767277        

@fiadraye welcome *bashful blush*


14 F
2 years ago #8767271        

@AmericanButterfly Thanks! you are always helpful and always here. always.... :D

2 years ago #8767263        

@fiadraye Albert is the husband and Brad is the guy she met at the bar.

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