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Traditional Dancing Men


Traditional Dancing Men

I love watching traditional dances because they invite people to dress in their traditional clothes. And I especially enjoy men dancing them because dancing is mostly about women these days.

West Asia

Remember, keep your traditional culture alive, even if it's only for entertainment, and respect and enjoy other's. :)

2nd January 2013


19 O
1 year ago #9028856      

Norway >u<


17 F
1 year ago #8980969      

What a shame you didn't put a latin Americas' one
This one is from "scissors dancers", from my contry Peru, hope you all enjoy it

2 years ago #8966094      

I think you would like to know about gaúchos, some people from the southern part of brazil who have their own traditional dance

2 years ago #8933276      

I like the Zulu and Australian ones best. :3

2 years ago #8788735      

highland Scottish dancing can look fun and interesting but being taught every day in school to a point doing it blindfolded really gets on your nerves...

2 years ago #8764433      

Maori Haka, please?

2 years ago #8722280      

What? No Faroese national dress? :O


16 F
2 years ago #8698780      

...Is there going to be another Manala? Please??

2 years ago #8680365      

I should say something about this drawing, but right now I'm going to complain: WHEN IS THE NEXT MANALA NEXT DOOR COMING ?

Sorry :P


18 F
2 years ago #8679567      

Watching the Norwegian dance reminded me of the Slovak "Odzemok" :)

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