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Red Dwarf


Red Dwarf

To be fair to the show, this is not why I like it. I just noticed.

19th February 2013


35 M
1 year ago #9122924      


1 year ago #9041368      

"I just noticed."

I'll bet you did.


2 years ago #8766599      

This show is the reason I like being named Holly.


26 F
2 years ago #8745142      

red dwarf is awesome xD i love the cat

2 years ago #8729068      

I remember watching red dwarf when I was a kid. Couldn't really talk about how awesome it was with friends. Because it was a low budget, British comedy show. The. . They wouldn't have understood my love ;_;

2 years ago #8727325      

*love* red dwarf

2 years ago #8726607      

XD I LOVE this show and met Rimmer and Lister,,, oddly I never noticed this.... cept maybe Listers butt.

2 years ago #8723148      

Glad to know I'm not the only one who noticed :P

2 years ago #8722937      

I need to watch more Red Dwarf. I don't remember it being that ... Stimulating?

2 years ago #8722816      

Red Dwarf is an awesome awesome show! no matter the season!

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