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Tyr isn't one of the most well known gods outside of the North, neither is he my fave, but I alway like him.

8th December 2013


16 F
12 days ago #9126858      

Wow, Tyr looks so badass! I always felt he was kind of over-looked as well.
BTW, I really love your art for Nordic Mythology. It was the thing inspiring me to read the Edda myself.

16 days ago #9124012      

thank you so much, Tyr is one of my favorite norse gods and no one ever remembers him, even though he's everything you said about him (and thank you for drawing him so sexy liek, because... just thanks <3)

2 months ago #9078884      

Glee! I love Tyr. In fact, my son's middle name is Tyr. It's a family tradition. My brother's middle name is Ravn (family name) and mine is Astrid.

3 months ago #9065921      


btw you have to feature the faroes more in satw :)

3 months ago #9064916      

Uh uh another thing, the thing I was actually thinking about to begin with. I think I heard somewhere that both Tor and Tyr were gods of war.
Tor for strength, Tyr for bravery.. perhaps brains/tactics also? I can't remember.. anyway I find it smart to have more then one god of war, I mean.. then the people waring each other can pray to different gods;)

3 months ago #9064900      

Isn't Ullr the one who was placed one the throne instead of Odin for a short period? I can't really remember the details but there seems to be two stories as to the reason. One is that Odin was away traveling for a long time and the gods thought him dead or at least that he wasn't coming back. Another is that he heard that only the son of him and some jotun woman could save his life in the future and when all his attempts at seducing her failed he trick her father into letting him rape her. When he got home to Asaheim he bragged about it to the other gods, something they found to be a little too much, and so they replaced him.. only for a short period of time though.. wow that was really long.. sorry

3 months ago #9052070      

Um, I'm from Sweden and we did in fact worship Tyr here as well. Although the swedish version of the name was Ti, or Ty. His name is incorporated in many different names; for example, Tiveden ("the forest of Ti") and Tisdag, the swedish word for Tuesday, ("literally Ti's day"). Stories about him, like the one about the Fenrir wolf, is also inbedded in our history.


19 M
3 months ago #9048006      

He was always one of my favorites as well, but, being an American, all my knowledge of Norse mythology comes from the game Age of Mythology.

4 months ago #9034077      

That's really cool! Try's name sounded familiar but I knew nothing about him. I wish I lived in Europe sometimes so I'd be able to learn more about the Norse gods. We just do Greek mythology here in Canada.

4 months ago #9033828      

At least he got a day named after him

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