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My two BBC OT3s in their wedding gear.

Top is the Eleventh Doctor with Amy and Rory.
By the end of their story it was pretty clear Eleven had become a third party in the marriage, sexual or not, and it was on their wedding day Amy and Rory invited the Doctor to be part of their life together properly. He even loved them enough to live a normal boring human life with them for a year.
And let's not forget that Amy in the comics was rather turned on by the sight of "her boys" kissing.

Then there's John and Mary with Sherlock.
It's very very clear that Mary understands how much John and Sherlock needs each other and she has no desire to get between them. Well, maybe a little, if you know what I mean *wink wink nudge nudge* At the wedding she looks very sad when John and Sherlock won't dance together, and can be seen mouthing to Sherlock "For you" when she has to dance with John alone, so she might understand Sherlock better than John in this area, maybe even better than Sherlock himself.

The bottom picture is inspired by a cute gif-set I saw that made it look like the Doctor danced with Sherlock at the wedding, made all the cuter by the fact that Matt Smith was considered for the role of John before Martin Freeman entered the scene. Matt and Benedict were of course too similar for it to work, but it's practically Sherlock dancing with an alternative John (or two Doctors dancing together, seeing as Benedict was the original choice for Eleven)

Doctor Who Sherlock
10th January 2014
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8 years ago #9147368        



I've read all of SatW and made it this far... but now I finally HAD to make an account to comment two things. 1: I'm amazed by how well Humon captured 11's essence. I recognized him before even Amy and Rory. 2: your description of Mary made me love her character and want to start in on Sherlock!

9 years ago #9065625        



wow... worth the shot... I really love Sherlock.


18 F
9 years ago #9059119        



That's it. Humon made a Wholock comic. My life is complete. *jumps off the hospital roof*
@Nedalin: the Doctor, Rory and Amy are from Doctor Who, a science-fiction TV series, while Sherlock, John and Mary are from Sherlock, a crime drama TV series that presents a contemporary adaptation of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's Sherlock Holmes detective stories. They're both British and produced by the BBC.


44 F
9 years ago #9059011        



Wait, what dr.-who-comics? Where? Huh?
Inhabitant of remote country here. Please enlighten me.

9 years ago #9058779        



You forgot the insanely interesting fact that the ponds are also The Doctor's in-laws.

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