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Thought it would be fun to try and draw the Amnesia characters in fashion more in line with the time their respective games took place in.

Daniel is from a time when corsets were very popular among men, which is why he has such an oddly shaped waist. If he was wearing a corset in the game that could help explain why he so easily starts hyperventilating and almost passes out when he gets distressed.

Justine might not have put on such a big dress when she knew she would be locking herself in the cellar, but she also might have seeing as she was planning on having a party right after she got out. She too wears a corset and she too has trouble breathing a few times.

And finally Mandus. His game might have failed rather horribly in a lot of ways, but I liked the story non the less. There's no pictures of him, so all I can say is that I made him blond just because his sons are.

10th January 2014
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16 O
9 years ago #9057788        



You are so young, but yet, you know so much!
Humon, I admire you deeply for your work and knowledge.

5 years ago #9672819        



Oh god that's a lot of penises.

Penii? Penes?

9 years ago #9056935        



I like the ghost pigs :)

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