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Thor Movie

Thor Movie

First time I watched Thor was with Sasha and she kept telling me "Don't think too hard about it. Just enjoy it as an action movie"

I wasn't the least angry or butthurt and actually thought it was quite fun, but my mind kept going "This is wrong! This is all wrong!" and it carried over to the Avengers movie. Every time Thor and Loki opened their mouths my brain went "Ynhljbasfsgdb!!!*blue screen*" :XD:

2nd October 2012

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35 M
1 year ago #9122898        


1 year ago #9122151        

I had same.

1 year ago #9102380        

me and my sister watch it and before the movie she was like: "okay so this allmost isnt even the legend of Thor and Sif and all... this is just the same names.... UNDERSTUD?!"

2 years ago #9041355        

Well, it's an adaptation of a commic book, not of a mythic cycle.


2 years ago #9004046        

{I'm not alone then, I can't watch the movies because it bothers me so much... It's like trying to read a book with extreme continuity errors... IT JUST DON'T WORK.}


900 F
2 years ago #8998977        

We came out of watching Thor 2 yesterday and we were discussing Loki
For some reason my friends decided he was 'inherently evil'
which really confused me, cos in the film he's a trickster and all that been duped by his adopted dad in a rather cruel manner or something so i don't get where they're coming from

I don't know a lot about Norse Mythology though: from what i gather Loki is a being of chaos that has a lot of cunning and mischievous behaviour that isn't appreciated by most of the Asgaurdians <sp? but i haven't been able to find any books or first hand material… most of it's second hand through western cultures that have skewed it to fit with stories they make

2 years ago #8980371        

I have studied Norse mythology for many years and love it and the culture id comes from. However, Thor the comic is an entirely different animal and thankfully I learned a long time ago to separate Thor of Norse mythology from Thor of the Avengers. I still have moments like yours at times, but most times I can make the mental separation easily.


20 F
2 years ago #8967567        

So I'm not the only one who reacted that way xD


24 M
2 years ago #8949678        

What happened to it is Stan Lee americanized/Super-heroized Thor for American readers and the whole pantheon got pulled over with him.

2 years ago #8844606        

Ah jeg har nok husket forkert på daværende tidspunkt. :P

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