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The New Barmaid


The New Barmaid

The new barmaid/barboy got quite a rough start when he had to serve drunken barbarian women on the first day.

This was a suggestion from Ijori who was tired of comments like "Pfft, you'd be better as my bar wench than a fellow comrade on the battlefield" and wanted to see a skimply dressed male barmaid getting harassed by drunk barbarian women.
Added the dwarf woman because the area looked a bit empty, but also because I love how stocky dwarfs are.

I'm getting more and more tempted to create a proper fantasy universe that also includes my skimpy armored warriors from this picture :XD:

Used this for the old paper look

18th May 2012


35 M
11 months ago #9122838      

Ok I am liking this idea :)


19 O
1 year ago #9028779      

what a rough job for a cutie like him ;)


21 O
1 year ago #8994250      

Oh my....

2 years ago #8754791      

cute guy

2 years ago #8640726      

...yow. This is genius!

2 years ago #8564275      

oh pleasedo, pleasedo, please DO!


16 F
2 years ago #8564110      

mmmm my kind of barmaid! *suggestive eyebrow raise*

2 years ago #8558028      

I'm a bit late here, but please do make a proper fantasy universe filled with those warriors.

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