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The New Barmaid

The New Barmaid

The new barmaid/barboy got quite a rough start when he had to serve drunken barbarian women on the first day.

This was a suggestion from Ijori who was tired of comments like "Pfft, you'd be better as my bar wench than a fellow comrade on the battlefield" and wanted to see a skimply dressed male barmaid getting harassed by drunk barbarian women.
Added the dwarf woman because the area looked a bit empty, but also because I love how stocky dwarfs are.

I'm getting more and more tempted to create a proper fantasy universe that also includes my skimpy armored warriors from this picture :XD:

Used this for the old paper look

18th May 2012

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4 months ago #9339224        

XD if that was me id say something rude get them pissed then as they were about to attack me just move to the side and put my foot forward making them slip over it.

then tie them up and let them stay there until they eather get sober or ask for forgiveness. >:D i feel so evil sometimes.


35 M
1 year ago #9122838        

Ok I am liking this idea :)


19 O
2 years ago #9028779        

what a rough job for a cutie like him ;)


21 O
2 years ago #8994250        

Oh my....


2 years ago #8754791        

cute guy

3 years ago #8640726        

...yow. This is genius!

3 years ago #8564275        

oh pleasedo, pleasedo, please DO!


16 F
3 years ago #8564110        

mmmm my kind of barmaid! *suggestive eyebrow raise*

3 years ago #8558028        

I'm a bit late here, but please do make a proper fantasy universe filled with those warriors.

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