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Warrior Monks

Warrior Monks

Buddhist and Christian monks trained to kill.

28th February 2016

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37 M
4 years ago #9461910        



Well, Knight Templars we not "monks trained to kill", in first place they were knights, already trained to kill, that chose to become monks. Knight Templars (also Knights Hospitaller, and all the other Warrior Monk Orders of Jerusalem) only enlisted already trained knights as their military.

From the other side, first Sōhei also seem to be warriors who go to the monastery to live the rest of their lives, but were forced back to arms for political reasons; only later training started at the monasteries. But after that Sōhei monks become a military structure that trained its' warriors "from scratch", yet experienced warriors were always welcome.

And - WHOOPS! - why does a Templar wear a Hospitaller's Cross on his robes? Tepmplar cross looks pretty much different.

4 years ago #9461814        



Next assassin's Creed game confirmed for Japan.

4 years ago #9461824        



i don't think the Sohei were actually monks, or at least not in practice. they were just monks in name that protected the monasteries.

4 years ago #9461807        



I knew of Shaolin monks armed with knowledge to at least attack in defense, but Buddhist monks trained to kill kinda goes against a tenet, commandment, or religious law that is in their teaching of no bodily harm may befall any innocent creature.

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4 years ago #9461783        



A Templar!
Time to call the Brotherhood!!

4 years ago #9461778        



Both look hella cool.

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