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Party Hard Cat People

Party Hard Cat People

The Vikings were big fans of drinking, and the cat people were no exception. They are often depicted with massive hangovers.

30th March 2014

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1 year ago #9145078        

Humon comics are always so delightfully varied. Hopefully the next one will be lady of the house.

1 year ago #9139528

1 year ago #9138442        

@Nedalin: That sort of IS a connection. I wouldn't be surprised if the idea of a hangover feeling like a cat's claws went back to proto-viking times, leading to both the saying and this mythological beast.
Particularly since there is so much shared culture there. At least until the Christians managed to take the whole Germany region, and cracked down on that sort of stuff, while causing the remaining tribes to make peace and unify (to some degree).

I think I went off on a tangent there. Cats. Their claws are sharp.


41 F
1 year ago #9132307        

I doubt that there is a connection.
I am not sure about the origin of the phrase, but in old illustrations hangovers are often depicted as black cats sitting on someones head, aggressively sinking their claws into it.

To go deeper into that matter: We use the female word (Katze/n) to describe the species, but use the male word (Kater) for hangover.


1 year ago #9132030        

The most hilarious thing about this is the fact that the word for "hangover" in my language is the word we use for "cat" (so if someone's hungover, we say "he has a cat"). So in here we have cat-people who will have a cat the next morning. xD

1 year ago #9127328        

It's funny, I find the appearance of animals with people faces far more disturbing than people with animal faces.

The uncanny valley seems to be so subjective...


35 M
1 year ago #9124264        

Oh no, not this not more cats with thumbeses this of gravy baaad (I saw of one reading a book on military strategy,they ARE plotting to take over) XD


20 M
1 year ago #9124196        

Does this have anything to do with the German (yes, I know it's not Danish) phrase "Ich habe einen Kater."? I've always been confused by that, and German is not my first language.

1 year ago #9123893        

I'm going to die over how freaking adorable that is! But I also thought they were drinking milk like beer at first which makes this even more adorable..... soooo cute!

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