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Old timey leprechaun

Old timey leprechaun

The old Irish descriptions of leprechauns says that they wear red, not green, specifically to stand out from social faeries who live in big groups and wear green. Their clothes is decorated with gold, and their shoes are of high quality. Their dress changes from area to area

Only later did they get a pot of gold, a habit that seem to have come from Scandinavia where everything from dragons to trolls to elves to freaking magic chickens guard gold. Back in the day, if you caught a leprechaun he gave you three wishes for his freedom.

If you'd like to see my version of the more well known modern leprechaun, he's over at my DA page

18th March 2014

Tagged in Leprechaun

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3 years ago #9170765        



Humon, have you ever considered The Tomten as a subject? My father had my bothers and I believing, almost into our teens, that our house had actually been accepted by a Tomten.

Love to see your interpretation! {: )

4 years ago #9127657        



Ah thank-you for the lesson, I can incorporate that when I get to interviewing a Leprechaun in Though for now the protagonist of the story is running from an angry Scottish ghost till I finish up the rest of that storyline.

4 years ago #9122731        



I am now going to have to research magic chickens.

4 years ago #9115357        



Not to mention leprchauns are kinda a-holes. Like that old sourpuss on your block that was always yelling at the kids to "stay off my goldurn lawn you little punks!" and would keep any balls that fell in his garden. But they made some darn good shoes.

4 years ago #9114640        



They want to distinguish themselves from the faries? It's a little like a political party then.

"3 wishes sound waaaaaaaaaay better than just gold, especially since one of the wishes can be gold"

I cant' argue with that. Although after reading Fables, I'm inclined to save the last wish for "don't take revenge".

4 years ago #9114301        



3 wishes sound waaaaaaaaaay better than just gold, especially since one of the wishes can be gold

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