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Get Up and Move On


Get Up and Move On

And illustrated version of the song "Rejs dig op og kom videre" (Get up and move on) by Danser Med Drenge (Dancing with boys)

I like how they have songs for every level of problems. From the minor stuff like this one, missing family members you have lost contact with like "Kære lille søster" (Dear little sister), to the loss of loved ones like the song "Er der nogen i himlsen" (Is there anyone in Heaven), and songs for when the terrible things have happened and you come out on the other side like "En dejlig morgen" (A wonderful morning)

You can hear a live version of this song here (It's in Danish)

19th March 2014


17 M
10 months ago #9166792      

Thanks for reminding me of that great band, I think their best songs are "Hvor længe vil du ydmyge dig?" and "Aldrig Undvære Dig".

12 months ago #9126007      

That's. . . quite a mustache.

1 year ago #9123945      

@Etex well I''m not Danish so I wouldn't know that.You're right that Humon probably didn't mean it like that. But sometimes there isn't a lot of difference between just feeling down and actually having legitamite problems, so you can't be too careful.

1 year ago #9121839      

@NordicBand117 Well, in Danish we also use depressed as a term for feeling down, so I seriously doubt that you should take it like that.

1 year ago #9119498      

I love that song! It's a lot of fun. Thanks, and this is a great message, a great comic, and very true.

1 year ago #9117875      

@hvilling @therottenleprechaun True, that it doesn't say that she has depression, but when I read it I felt like that was the implication. They should have had a disclaimer or something at the end. That "stop feeling sorry for yourself" actually does cause a lot of problems when put in the wrong hands.

1 year ago #9116956      



26 F
1 year ago #9116352      

@therottenleprechaun No one said she was suffering from depression, this is just about feeling down and unfairly treated.

1 year ago #9115439      

This is awful. You don't just get up and get over a depression. Hell, often people feel ashamed exactly because they feel that's what they SHOULD be able to do, but can't, so they don't seek help or tell people.

1 year ago #9115401      

This is awesome. Sometimes it's hard to get up when you've been knocked down, but the strongest knight in shining armor you have is yourself.

Also, I love that God looks like Buffalo Bill. I doubt that was intentional, but it still made me smile all the same. =)

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