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Elftaken 3


Elftaken 3

Part three of a three part comic.

12th February 2014


40 M
8 months ago #9195839      

This was awesome! Sequel?


21 M

Online Now
10 months ago #9150801      

Jeg tror ikke man som sådan kan tale om et victoriansk Danmark, da Victoria jo var dronning af Storbritannien.

Hvis noget, så er guldalder-Danmark en mere korrekt betegnelse.

11 months ago #9135186      

This really was a beautiful story. Just delicious. I almost want to go looking on sites like Literotica to see if someone's written what they think happens after Katrine and Mogen enter the underworld. >:)
And the look in Katerine's eyes and that smile when she says "forge you the most beautiful chains" such utter perfection.

I did have a question, though. Sheer curiosity. What exactly is a jotunhut? If I google it all I come up with is Jötunn/jötnar and Jötunheim.


20 F
11 months ago #9129142      

I love this story, so beautiful. I came for your humor humon, but your stories of magic, love, and the various ties that bind human beings together have kept me coming back for years. I hope you keep making stories like this, they're perfect

11 months ago #9124259      

I first found about you from a 9GAG posting of your "animal mating rituals" and absolutely fell in love with your art style. The themes and jokes you do in your comics are super interesting, and I'm glad I stumbled across you on teh internets. Tl;dr I think you're really cool ^^


35 M
11 months ago #9122977      

*whispers* wow

12 months ago #9106858      

What an amazing story told in only three strips. I would be very interested to see this one go much, much longer.

12 months ago #9105606      

" 'And I will forge you the most beautiful chains.'

"I want so badly for someone to say this to me."

"I will forge you the most ordin. . . I'll buy. . . We'll shop for. . ."

You're right, it's just not the same.


26 F
1 year ago #9100357      

This is adorable <3

1 year ago #9096825      

Hmmmmmmmm. I'm detecting a theme, here. Enjoying yourself? :D

"To make it short: No one went to the gallows, no one went to prison, and for young men to have a boyfriend was expected. Victorian Denmark was a different place from Victorian England."

Good. :)

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