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Lady of The House

Lady of The House

I'm posting this in the hopes that it will either make me lose interest in the story or inspire me to do more with it, because at the moment it's in a grey area where I can't get it out of my head and is blocking me from doing other things.

It's about the wealthy woman Rebecca Bloomworth who has a harem of willing men living with her. But instead of just having them sit around all day looking pretty, they have all been assigned traditional jobs depending on what they're good at (Like Noel who has green fingers, or Leslie who can fix any car), what they are into (Tim likes to be dressed up in women's clothes, so he is of course the maid), how good they are at following orders (Dana will do anything asked of him down to the smallest detail, so he became the butler. Same goes for Francis who is her valet).

They all go about their normal life until Rebecca drags them aside for a session at which point the more erotic side of their jobs kicks in. Use your imagination.
The household isn't yet fully occupied, so Noel sometimes have to do a bit of handy work, Tim also cooks, and Leslie doubles as chauffeur. Hopefully someone will take those jobs soon.

The way I imagine the story it's mostly about them living as a big happy household, the things that threatened to get in the way of that, and new people joining in.

EDIT: Sorry about how yellow Leslie turned out. I swear to god the marker I used for him was no where near that yellow (Nor were the rest that red).

22nd March 2013

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21 O
4 years ago #9478405        



Curious as to how she'd handle a person who later finds out they're transgender.

2 years ago #9714308        



I love lady of the house, wish there was more of it, and am secretly jealous of Rebecca.

3 years ago #9624863        



I thought Tim was a girl

5 years ago #9247266        



I don't know this series but kinda interesting


18 F
6 years ago #9182309        



Leslie looks cute like that <3 i hope i get too see more about him.


37 M
6 years ago #9122934        



Tim is sooo cute XD

6 years ago #8980686        



Need more!!!!


18 O
6 years ago #8969928        



. . . Leslie is my mom's name. . . . Spelt the same, too. Okay then.

6 years ago #8963968        



What exactly is the name of this show? Movie?
I sooo want to watch it. Love your comics btw.
(just joined)

7 years ago #8852960        



I just adore this series! Hope there is more to come! :)

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