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To understand this you'll have to watch this YouTube video

"Gimme 20 dollars" has become Slender Man's theme song thanks to that video. So you will occasionally hear the joke that to get rid of him you have to give him 20 dollars.

But it's a stripper song, so...

5th August 2012

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5 months ago #9301081        

So seductive xD


35 M
1 year ago #9122860        

*drools* Nice ass XD

1 year ago #9079089        

please no. pleaaaaaaaaasssssssseeee no. This rustled my jimmies beyond capacity.


19 O
1 year ago #9028798        



2 years ago #9018382        

OMG! That is awesome. I have not laugh that hard in a long time.

2 years ago #9004038        

Sweet mother of jegus...

2 years ago #8993257        

I lost it.
I had to try not to laugh so hard I almost cried!

2 years ago #8754800        

dat buttock

2 years ago #8617060        

I've actually requested my friend to draw a slendy character zhey made like zhis, I more of like demanded and said it vould be my birthday present....but zhey'll have to do it anyvays

2 years ago #8608264        

nope getting the same feeling here

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