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The male version of the Hulder. They all traditionally have holes in their backs (like the females), but these days the holes are often left out to make them sexier/cuter.

The fox-tailed and cow-tailed huldrekalls are used all over Scandinavia but are slightly more popular in either Sweden or Norway.

The furry-legged version has completely gone out of style and are no longer remembered by most people.

Faroese huldrekall have many different shapes and sizes, but are often described as handsome, grey, and with tails. The stories doesn't say what kind of tails.

15th December 2015

Tagged in Hulder

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23 M
2 years ago #9435315        



I'm with Sweden here. I like foxy redheads.


53 M
2 years ago #9434503        



"Furry-legged version" - a Greek satyr that emigrated North?

2 years ago #9474187        



I've heard of a stone (large stones are homes of the "huldurfólk" in the Faroes), in which you can visit and the "huldurfólk" will bake you pancakes.

2 years ago #9466159        



Why do they have holes in their backs, though?

2 years ago #9438312        



This cinda confuse me, because I'we heard of Hulder and Hulderkall with cowtails, but thay are never here were I live. I'we lived my hole life on the Lofoten Islands, and the type of hulder we have her always have clothes, usualy in blue, and dont have tails. Neither do they have hollow backs... They actualy look just like humans, just more beautiful than a human could ever be. They live in their own villages, have livestock and fields and boats, everything are just invisible unless they chose to show themselfe, and everything is always in abundanse. In most of the stories they either help or save the human, usaly for the promise that the person will never tel who helped him/them. Actualy, they cinda remind me of the Fae...
Either way, our Hulderfolk (Hulder People) are always willing to help as long as you show them the respect they deserve, and keep your promises.

2 years ago #9436239        



Are there any other artists who draw these handsome creatures?

2 years ago #9435128        



Humon, I just want to thank you for makeing this kind of stuff. Is super helpful to me. being an American who had no idea about folklore at first your drawings and comics have introduced me to creatures that I find absolutely amazing. I am interested In Huldra and Hulderkall the most out of all of them.

So again, thank you so much for simply existing.


20 F
2 years ago #9434555        



I think I like the furry legged one more.

2 years ago #9434507        



Iv never hear of huldukarle (or in faroesese: Huldufólk) in the faroe islands having a tale o__o

The only fay humanoids that live here that have tales are the mountain trolls ( fjalla tussar), they would cut of their tails and move to a human village to live as a human (after burring their gold ofc).

Huldufólk are humanoid shaped, very beautiful and they have dark hair, the men are around 2 meters tall and they often wear old faroese working clotting (iv never hear they had tails.. like evvvvvvveeeeer)

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