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I can't draw at the moment, so I made this instead.

20th December 2015

Tagged in Jotun

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3 years ago #9438323        



This is actualy the main reason I got problems with the Thor movies.... What the heck caused the them to translate Jotuns as ''Ice Gigants''?? I dosen't make sense! I mean, it's not like you need any extensive research to find this information, just use google or something!
And I know that I shoulden't react so strongly to it, (after all, it IS America..) but it's my own history, for goodness sake! And it annoys me that they can't get it right..

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9 months ago #9767752        



Best explanation for Jotuns ever!


19 M
3 years ago #9478658        



I've always wondered about this, were the Jotuns really symbols of chaos and nature? Or is this some sort of modern construction to add philosophy to the germanic religion?

In "primitive" religions (or rather, uncomplicated) the Gods are the powerful beings running the world, you sacrifice to them to get boons and avoid trouble. There's no metaphor for the conflict between humans and nature.

Once again, is this something actually based in old norse beliefs or something made up in modern times?

3 years ago #9440869        



Yay learning things!

3 years ago #9437345        



You got Skadi up there! But that's the only one I can pick out of the group up there. Too bad a lot of the stories don't include descriptions of the Jotun in the English translations I read. In fact the book I have calls them "giants" and it irks me, since they still refer to the other gods as Aesir and Vanir.


21 O
3 years ago #9436985        



I wouldn't call them a race... Odin is also kinda a jotun, so the Aesir are not really a separate race. But otherwise nice explanation, since most people don't get what the nature of the jotuns are and think they are giants.
Can't remember that the Elder Edda says that it is because of Ymir that they fight against the Aesir, so I am wondering what your source is.

3 years ago #9436640        



Heh, the first three paragraphs (chaos and nature... things you cannot control) made me think I might be Jotun-gendered (which has occurred to me before). But once we get to passivity, I sort of stop identifying...
Anyway, I always love hearing more about Norse gods! But I keep wondering: I've read the Eddas and several Sagas, as well as analyses of Norse myth and culture, but you seem to know lots of stuff that I've not encountered ... Can you direct me toward something to read to fill in the gaps in my knowledge?

3 years ago #9436051        




3 years ago #9435896        



This is great, I love it! But I was wondering, what font is it that you always use on here? o3o

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