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Horror Movies

Horror Movies

My usual reaction to these types of horror movies.

Ghosts scare the living shit out of me because there is no way to stop them. They will just go right though the door and strangle you.

Don't know why I think zombies are boring, I just do. Yes, even the ones that can run. In fact, that just takes some of the usual creepy away from them in my opinion.

Vampires aren't scary either, but I can get involved in some of the drama.

Love werewolves! Not scary either, but they are my favorite monsters of all.

Random monsters, be they giant or created in a lab, are just fun to watch with a bucked of popcorn.

I don't watch slashers. They're just disgusting and don't even have monsters.

Some zombie movies I like (Shaun of the Dead), some werewolf movies are just plain shit, and so on, but this is how I usually feel about them.

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1st December 2012
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5 years ago #9641356        



To repell ghosts I would reccomend salt and iron. Works on quite a lot of supernatural beings.

5 years ago #9609760        



Based on your love of werewolves and the slightly askew nature of some of your comics (in a good way!) I would recommend "Ginger Snaps". It's a Canadian made werewolf movie of limited release, so odds are you haven't seen it, but it's definitely unique.

There are no supernatural elements, just a pair of high school sisters living in the suburbs, until an incident (there's always an incident) which leaves one slowly transforming over weeks while loosing her mind, the other trying to fix it, while both hiding everything from their parents. Of course there's blood and death, it is a horror, but it's more "Hannibal" creepy and less "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

One of my favourite scenes is them going to the school nurse and asking about body changes, excessive body hair growth and blood, the nurse says that's normal for puberty and hands them condoms, and their mom bakes a cake in celebration of the menstrual cycle. It is a weird movie, but it did spawn two sequels so mind the order.

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6 years ago #9466728        



"Bloody doggy!"


5 years ago #9641715        



I did some research for a story a while back and apparently most plants in the onion family (garlic, famously, of course, but also leeks etc) are useful for repelling ghosts as well.

This worked very well for my characters because they weren't sure if it was a ghost or someone messing around with them, but they mashed up some oniony stuff and if it was a ghost it would repel it and if it was some random guy it would still sting his eyes anyways, ha ha.

5 years ago #9624854        



Nice bloody doggy, go kill everybody in the night, they'll never suspect you

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