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Don't touch her stuff


Don't touch her stuff

Nope, I haven't forgotten about these guys either.

Two very nice guys asked me to continue this little picture series at the last convention, and it has been my plan to turn it into a booklet for a long time, so of course. :)

3rd December 2012

1 year ago #9041361      

"Is he happy that she came for him? But he had a choice "

I don't know. It's better to deal with a human, perhaps? Or, he realised those guys weren't on the up-and-up.

Also, at least the human women weren't about to rape him.

2 years ago #8775783      

Is he happy that she came for him? But he had a choice

2 years ago #8665319      

At first I thought she said cooperate... whoops.

2 years ago #8606873      

Hehe, continue with this stuff please ^^

2 years ago #8600342      

Oooh, more of this one!

I'm afraid I have to point out you misspelled "copulate" though.

2 years ago #8600052      

Oh do I enjoy these.

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