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Match made in heaven

Match made in heaven

I wanted to do a speed picture of some random creatures from Nordic mythology, and ended up with a Näcke (Means "naked") and a Slattenpatte (Means "saggy boobs"). But wait! There's reason behind the madness!

Both creatures are said to live near streams, and both are notorious for running around naked. The näcke is said to be an extraordinary beautiful young man who lures people to him by playing on his violin. The slattenpatte is said to love young men (young men were advised not to sleep near streams or they might fall victim to a slattenpatte), so she more than any other creature would get lured to him, with or without violin. A match made in heaven!

Well, at least the slattenpatte thinks so. Mind you, the näcke is probably used to getting slattenpattes in his "net" at this point.

12th January 2012
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10 years ago #9041277        



And hey, they've got to make more Slattenpattes and Nackes somehow. How do we know that they're not two genders of the the same species?

11 years ago #8869225        



Ì have you now pretty man muahaha

12 years ago #8564175        



And from what you've told us of the näcke, the fellow deserves to be faked out.


21 F
12 years ago #8559758        



this may sound dumb, because most of what i say does come off as that way, but if there was a Slattenpatte....would he have saggy balls?XD

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