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Based on your love of werewolves and the slightly askew nature of some of your comics (in a good way!) I would recommend "Ginger Snaps". It's a Canadian made werewolf movie of limited release, so odds are you haven't seen it, but it's definitely unique.

There are no supernatural elements, just a pair of high school sisters living in the suburbs, until an incident (there's always an incident) which leaves one slowly transforming over weeks while loosing her mind, the other trying to fix it, while both hiding everything from their parents. Of course there's blood and death, it is a horror, but it's more "Hannibal" creepy and less "Texas Chainsaw Massacre".

One of my favourite scenes is them going to the school nurse and asking about body changes, excessive body hair growth and blood, the nurse says that's normal for puberty and hands them condoms, and their mom bakes a cake in celebration of the menstrual cycle. It is a weird movie, but it did spawn two sequels so mind the order.


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