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Combo Attack

Combo Attack

We don't much remember that Freyr, the Norse god of harvest, also had the unique property that women couldn't be harmed near him. Not because he would attack those who wanted them harm, but because it was like a magic shield was put on them. Weapons would literally break on impact with women's skin if he was around.

Gerd is the only jotun woman romantically involved with the gods who is consistently depicted as big, and often fat. That's because in the story about Freyr falling in love with her he especially admires her "big, white arms". It also makes sense that a god of harvest and plenty would love a woman embodying that.
Freyr, his sister Freya and their father Njord (who also married a jotun btw) are all gods of fertility in each their own way, so I like to depict them as overweight too, though not as big as Gerd.

I also like depicting Freyr as something of a classic romantic hero because of how hopelessly and dramatically he falls in love with Gerd. He longs for her and cries when he thinks he can't be with her, and gets depressed because he has to wait a whole week to meet her in person. Also, the reason why he doesn't have a sword is because he gave it to Gerd as a present.

And Gerd is a tough lady. Freyr's servant threaten her with death (without Freyr knowing) and she doesn't give a shit. He had to threatened her with bad luck for the rest of her life before she agreed to meet Freyr.

Her father is the sea jotun Ægir which is why I tend to give her a sea inspired look.

Gerd Freyr Freya
2nd October 2017
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16 M
6 years ago #9725479        



Freyr is the soft one of the two. Also, Freya has cats. Lots of cats. And they use people they don't like as scratching posts.

6 years ago #9720238        



Best. Evar.

6 years ago #9701914        



Jeeze, Tyr, get einherjene under control

6 years ago #9689648        



I heard her father was Gymir, her mother AurbońĎa, and her brother Beli. Although some do say Gymir and Ægir are the same.

6 years ago #9688351        



Hahaha! I like how Freyr is making Freya invincible and then she beat the living daylights out of the offending party. Awesome sibling team up. :P

6 years ago #9687073        



It´s funny, I like mythology and I like making my own stories about it, but I never thought about what kind of relationship would Freya and Gerd have. I like how you make Freya protective of her sister-in-law

6 years ago #9686423        



We need to make Freyr CEO of The Weinstein Company.

6 years ago #9686159        



Awwwww, they're so sweet together.

And Freya is really inTENSE about her.

If only all such people were so easily dealt with.

"My nose" seems to have a story attached.

Would his protection extend to gods when they're . . . feeling feminine that day?

By the way, I'm having problems not reading her name as /Jerd/. Guess why. :)

6 years ago #9686106        



Always fun to find new OP combinations. :D

Never thought to do it with Gods before though.

6 years ago #9685664        




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