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Bes and Horus

Bes and Horus

Bes the kind and loving Egyptian god with dwarfism, protecting the Horus child from a snake.

Bes was a god of dance, music and sex, but more importantly protector of the home, children, women and childbirth. He especially protected them against snakes. As an extension of that he also came to be known as protector of young Horus.

In other words, if you don’t think he's the best then you’re wrong.

3rd October 2017

Tagged in Horus Bes

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12 days ago #9687074        



I have loved Bes ever since I read The Kane Chronicles. He looks super here, and I love it :)

14 days ago #9686175        



So you're saying he's the Bes-t? :P

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15 days ago #9686161        



What a swell guy!

15 days ago #9686111        



Thank you for bringing Bes to my attention.

You've introduced me to so many Scandanavian Myths, Folklore and Legends, and so many other facts though your comics. But I didn't think you'd bring up Egyptian Gods.

Anyway, *thank you* for you work. It's interesting, often amusing and always worth a read. :)

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